Monday, February 27, 2017

When you can't Shop - Organize!

If you have been here since Christmas you know
that I am on a scrapbooking diet.

I have tried twice to break it but my paypal didn't get the notice! lol 

So a few days ago when I felt liek shopping
I organized a bit!

I cleaned up my sequence, dew drop inks & washi tape.

I even cleaned out my bag I carry all of it in...

I like to organize as much as I like to shop - 
so that worked out pretty well for me.

This is a cube on my desk 
It has held several things lately - 
Still moving things to get them just where I want them.

I have moved alot of my embellishments to these photo cases.
Some are 5x7 & some are 4x6

Each one is labeled

I put all of the sequence in the same bags
and added a few mixed baggies to my travel bag.

They so pretty!!

Next I moved my Dew Drop inks to these larger cases, 
they were in one like the Washi below but I needed it for the Washi!

My washi collection isn't as impressive as my friend Tracy's but
I honestly need to use it more before I get more!!

These inks also sit on my shelf.  I have several full size as well
 but I like to have these little one handy to go

If you have a great organization suggestion of tip, please share!!

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  1. I can not image a spending freeze! UGH.... that would kill me! LOL I think the only time I do that is during the holidays so I have more cash to spend on my family as I like to spoil them! :) Wonderful idea to re-organize instead! I've recently started re-organizing my stamp collection - Got the idea from Jennifer Mcguire - She has lots of tips & tricks for re-organizing and getting the most use out of the stash you have already... :) Keep up the good work... I'm to weak to not shop! HUGS!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations