Saturday, February 18, 2017

That one item ....

You know that one item that you see in the store -
so cute! probably on sale so you pick it up.
It comes some you look at it a few times a year &
have no use for it yet - but its too good to get rid of
and giving it away isn't an option.

Well go get it, & USE IT!
ha  ha  ha  ha ha 
it will feel so good!

I bought a small canvas that was for Alex's book 
it was super cute, 
I have no idea when I got it or where I got it.
Buy I used it & I am moving on.

The layout was so simple but I think that's all I need -
after all once I print to picture I can add more - 

the point here is I used the canvas & 2 pieces of paper I was hoarding!

So the next time you sit down 
I CHALLENGE YOU to use one of those items you have been holding onto,
it will feel so great!!!

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  1. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I appreciate it!! Lovely layout! Great challenge as well, that was one of my new years resolutions...use what I got! I've been pretty good so far!!