Monday, July 13, 2015

MIA - Conquer the Fort

I have been MIA enjoying the warm weather with 
family and friends - taking pictures and making memories!

So I have been peeking in on each of you and enjoying all your posts,
but have not gotten anything up myself.

We have been at camp and working on the yard
 ( will share those pictures later ) 
but mt big news is that I have completed my first race last Saturday!

It was a 7km run with 20 military obstacles.
What a great time!!

Here's my Team The Unleashsed Knock-Outs

Challenge one done!
A few later we cross the Kam river twice - 
it is soupy slimy brown Muck!

We finished strong despite the 35 degree weather!
There were 5 teams from my gym Unleahsed.

The back of our shirts.

Hope you are all enjoying summer as well .