Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stampin with Lydia

the next challenge i finished was from Lydia
This was tough - I avoided it for a bit but when I sat down to do it - 
It was quit simple! 

Today's challenge is create a layout using the same color with three different patterns!

You can find her blog and the challenge here:

here is her layout 

and here is what I came up with !!

i used the green papers from the Lost n Found line - love this line .....

here is also a sneak peek of the new craft room!

thanks you Hunny!!

Desk went in last night and am hoping to work on it a bit more tonight!!

Scrapbooking for the love of Paper Challenge

Kerry had a great challenge on her blog for 
Sketch n scraps 3rd Birthday 
You can find a link here;

Her challenge was to make a layout using triangles 
this challenge must only include three of things; 
3 papers, 3 buttons, 3 photo's etc.
I have also set a theme - that triple sided, trendy shape, the humble triangle! 

here is the layout sketch she used 
and here is what I came up with 

I have three sets of rub on
3 pictures
3 chevrons that are like triangles
the number 3
used three colurs
and have a three word title!

I need to get a few more of my challenges posted but I am '
attempting to more mt craft room upstairs - so we will see how much I great posted =
off to the gym 

have a super healthy day!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Susan's Challenge Part 2

Susan R had a Card Challenge last Sunday 

a link to her blog is here

She had a great card challenge using this sketch

Here is mine 
I ran out of room for a quote - 
but this is what I cam up with 
my three is these buttons holes
The nubs were in a large bag of buttons I bought 
for the girls around Valentines day - 
They have been in a bag on my desk since February - 

 not a great colouring job
I had it half coloured in a bin since the fall 
nothing feels better than getting it completed & used up!

Thanks for the inspiration Susan

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wendy's Challenge - The party Continues!

I had to come up with a layout with the number 3 on it for the next challenge 
none of the kids had a 3rd birthday to scrapbook -
nor am I printing pictures till I have mine done !
so here it is -- 
I wanted to scrapbook my kids on 
Taylor's Trampoline last summer - 
she got it for her birthday but again 
I didn't have any standout center of the stage photos 
- so this worked out very well .

Here is a link to her page;
Wendy wanted a three and it needed to be influenced by this sketch 

Here is what I came up with 
I used the same layout as the pictures-
started with 2 patterns behind the photos
and the bunting gave me the idea for trim ....
 3 jumps for fun
 good thing it didn't need to be an exact match 
but I think it worked out really well..

Go dig out those tricky pictures and get them done !

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sketch n Scrap # 80

Pictures that needed to be scrapbooked but 
I had no inspiration for were used today ! 
a big Hooray!
you can head over to the site here:

to see all of the good challenges and creations !!!

Here is the Sketch

Here is what I came up with 

I love the water drops running down his nose ... too cute

have a great day ...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Card Challenge

Lisa had an interesting challenge -
 her challenge was to make a Birthday card using 3 punches and three colours - 
again I left this one for a bit -
but when it came to it -
I looked into my drawer 
saw my Cupcake punch and it just came together 

Here is a link to Lisa's Blog

So here it is, 
nothing fancy but I like it 

I used my cupcake punch
an oval punch
then the tab punch in the top corner
a cheat really but everything else seamed too busy.

all in all I can see me making this card again 

hope  you have a creative day !

Monday, May 18, 2015

Wendy's Challenge @ Sketch N Scrap

I am on a serious Roll here with the challenges,
Today I took on a Challenge from Wendy on the DT at Sketch n Scrap
She had me stumped with the challenge - 
I needed a bow , 2 flowers & 3 patterned papers and this sketch

It really wasn't that hard once I sat down and grabbed pictures.

Here is a link to her blog & challenge:

and here is a link the Sketch n Scrap 

and here is what I cam up with 
they are Pictures of my oldest & hubby 2 years ago on Fathers day - 

the bow

the flowers

I even did a page 2!

Here they are together!

Hope you all start a challenge today!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Twist back Thursday Sketch #5

Over at Sketch n scrap they have a bunch 
of challenges going on for their birthday bash
and if you have been on my blog at all in the last couple weeks 
you know I have nailed almost all of them,
One is stumping me but I am on it ! lol

Anyway I have been on a real roll with getting my scrapbooking 
caught up & getting these challenges under my belt -
today being no exception.

Here is a Link to the challenge
Sketch n Scrap

This is the use of an old sketch and giving it a twist
 here is the sketch 
the twist is the pictures must be outdoors.

so I dug in my box of pictures 
( which is starting to look low! )
and found a set that really didn't have a great focal picture

here is what I came up with 

Not sure how I came to the decision to pick these papers- looks better in person
but her it is done - 
I found these pictures hard as there was not real one stand out great picture
but I wanted to capture the moment - 
need a bit of hidden journaling on this but I can get that done 

Hope you have a fun memory making day!

Sketch n Scrap Challenge: Marie-Christine

Ok here we go again 
another from the month long challenges over st Sketch n Scrap 
You can see them all here:

Today we are looking at a challenge that you can see 
at Marie-Christine's Blog here:

It had 2 parts- it had to be blue and orange & have three different buttons.

Here is what I came up with !

Hope you have a super creative day ! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sketch N Scrap - Heather's Colour Palette Challenge

The Next challenge was by Heather Hall
from Sketch n Scraps Birthday bash.
I have been by Heather's Blog a few times as she makes
and sells beautiful Prim items You will want the check her out!
Here is a Link to her Blog:

Heather's Challenger was to use this Colour Palette.
I was working on an earlier layout for a different site and chose these colours.
i know they say you can use one layout for different sites but that feels like cheating,
especially when i am trying to get layouts done - 
so I created a second page making it a two Page layout! 
One page for each site! Tada! 

here is what I came up with for page two:
 There is pink and blue in the background paper  & the hexagons.
I added the Green Hexagon paper with green accents in the hexagons.
The first page which I used for a previous challenge on another rite matched better, 
but none the less I have gotten my photos scrapped!
Here is the layout you all have seen earlier this week:
and here is the two page spread!
These picture where from her Birthday years ago.
All the little girls would go to a studio and have their pictures taken -
they would take home one photo and parent could purchase the rest.
Of course there was also a huge fee for the Birthday Girl's Parent.
I cleaned out one of my office at work,
and set up a photo shoot of my own, 
The sitting area became a dance party while you waited for your turn.
they had a blast at a fraction of the price!

Hope you all have a great thrifty day! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Challenge for Sketch N Scrap's Third Birthday: 3 of the same embellishment

Yet another sketch challenge!

Alicia's Challenge can be found here :

it is of course a part of the Sketch n Scrap Birthday bash that can be found here:

here is Alicia's sketch 
but with the addition of three of each embellishment on the layout 

Here is what I made

at first I wasn't sure how to tackle the sketch with circles but I really like the way it came out
In the bottom left corner I have 3 rub-ons ( over-lapping) with 3 rhinestones
in the bottom right I have 3 flower rub-ons and 
in the top right I have 3  flowers with  rhinestones in the center.

I had a few more pictures of them at the water pad so I got a second page done to match !

here they are together 

Have a crafty kinda day!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sketch n Scrap Marie-Christine's Challenge

Here is yet another challenge complete from the Sketch n Scrap Birthday bash!
There is a new challenge everyday you can check them out here:

And hop on over to the challenge here:

her Challenge was to make a card with 
Blue Yellow & Red
and to use the Sketch above

Here is what I came up with 
it wasn't what i was going for but hey its is something different!

 a little to much splatter - but I learned for next time ....

have a great day !

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sketch n Scrap - Card Sketch #49

Wondered over to Sketch n Scrap & got another project done!
I completed their card sketch.
Here is a link to the blog:

 have a super dee dooper day!