Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Other Mini Book!!

here is the Other Mini Book I made for a friend.  
You can see all of the details in the previous post.

They are 4x4 and weigh more than you think !!

Well That's it for the Mini's 

stop back tomorrow for a Board book I made last month & 
and just sharing now!! lol 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mini Book Mania

I went to a crop for 5 hours last Sunday and had a few giggles with frinds.

I decided at the last minute so I needed to pack quick & light.
I grabbed an old kit, ans my box of Mary Engelbriet papers & goodies.

I decided to sort out all of my ME stuff & made two cute 
mini books for my friends that purchased all of the ME stuff! 

Here is one - I will posy the other tomorrow so that the post isnt so long !

The books are 4x4 and designed so that they can print 2 images on a 4x6
( which is beyond easy at Walmart) 
I may even pull a few of their pics from Facebook and complete them....
They are not scrapbookers so I want to make it easy to do.

Hope she likes it ....
stop back tomorrow to see the next one !

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jamaica Mini Book with my Extra Pics!!

I started a mini book of a trip we took in 2009.

I came across a few extra pictures I had left over from the layouts.

I also had a travel kit I wanted to use up ... so ....

Here is what I came up with, 
it's pretty cute at only 4x4 but it's heavy! 

Break out those extra photos and get creative!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Old Projects - Getting Done!

We all have them, 
those old projects that we have never finished

We either started and didn't like them, 
or we ran out of time , 
we all have a reason.

Today I tackled one I didn't love , but is now done.
Wow feel so good!!

This will make a great gift I am sure.

You can tell by the prints that this is an older kit - 
I am going to add a measurement to each matte so 
the recipient knows what size of photo to 
put in the book.
Some people have completed these books and they are 
truly amazing, they just aren't me ... or this one wasn't anyway.
I guess I like to pick all of my own papers & I like way more embellishments.
I added the rhinestones because one pack of rub-ons was not enough for me!